From baby steps to a successful startup, meet the team that has invested their blood & sweat to fund this venture to serve its customers worldwide & promote Indian arts & culture accross the globe.

Sardar Hussain - The Team

Sardar Hussain

Winner of many prestigious awards. He has been awarded National Award in India for his work in wood carving, He has also been awarded the title of Shilp Guru for his contribution to the field of arts & crafts. His work is appreciated worldwide & has also been recognized by SAARC.

Abdul Rehman Cropped - The Team

Abdul Rehman

Dentist by profession, he is the son of Mr. Sardar Hussain. Having a family background of craftsmanship, the passion for Indian Handicrafts culture runs in his blood. With dreams to make it big for the art & to take next step to preserve some of the dying art forms he took it upon himself to help the rural artists by promoting their craft worldwide.

Untitled 2 - The Team

Shoaib razvi

Management Graduate, overheads all the operations of the organization. It is his dedication & work that helps in running the work flow smoothly. Experienced in various industries knows the ins & outs to deal with any situation. Witty, Quirky & Fun loving collegue to have in the team.

Nabeel Ahmed - The Team

Nabeel Ahmed

Business Graduate, always had a passion in computers. Dropped out of MCA programme from Amity University to handle his family business in handlooms. With 10+ years of experience in business, he fused his love for IT & Tech with his knowledge of business to start this venture.

Vinay Saini Cropped - The Team

Vinay Saini
Opeartions Head

He was an Engineer at CSIR-CEERI. Left his job only to serve the world with Indian heritage & culture. He leads all the operational activities, right from planning to carrying out the task he is always on the forefront. He he has been instrumental in the growth of Hashcart.

Parvez Khan - The Team

Parvez Khan
Office manager

He brings in lots of experience in the organization to guide & ensure that the startup follows its right path. He keeps on generating innovative ideas for new & upcoming projects of the venture. He is well aware of the regional art & craft in every part of India and help procure products from rural artisans.

Altamash Khan - The Team

Altamash Khan
Content Manager

Young blood full of enthusiasm. He is always on his toes to carry our any activity in the organization. Apart from pursuing BA.LLB he covers looks various departments for Hashcart right from photography to
content uploading to follow ups with suppliers, vendors etc. Future of the venture is certainly bright!!